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Services, Products And Pricing

David's Cemetery is staffed by caring people who want to help you. We would like to assist you by discussing the wide variety of options and services we offer and finding solutions that will best suit the needs of you and your family. The cemetery provides multiple burial options including our new columbariums, colonial-style mausoleums with cremation niches and entombment crypts, a scattering garden, a cremation garden and traditional in-ground burial. Our caring, knowledgeable staff is always here to assist you in making the best choices.

David’s Cemetery offers the following burial options:

Each option has a variety of choices that can be tailored to suit individual needs. David’s Cemetery offers Pre-Need Planning for opening/closing and vaults. The current interment charge and current vault price can be pre-paid and this guarantees the burial service Monday through Friday before 3:00 p.m. at no additional charge to the family in the future. There is an overtime charge for burials arriving after 3:00 p.m. on weekdays and anytime on Saturdays. Price variations may occur depending on the type of interment service required. See price sheet for details.


In-Ground Burial

There are flat ground-level marker areas and above ground monument areas. There are many different types of markers and monuments to choose from for an in-ground burial space. A monument or marker can be placed on a space at any time. These markers and monuments are actually placed on the space before or after a burial and will not need to be disturbed or moved for the burial process.

Sections of David’s cemetery that are currently available for in-ground burials include the following:

Section G of the cemetery is designed for in-ground burial spaces with upright monuments or flat markers. You may choose and design your monument/marker here at David’s Cemetery to memorialize your space forever. This section of the cemetery surrounds David's Columbarium and Old Glory Plaza(our newest addition to the cemetery that will be home to over 1800 cremations).

Section R of the cemetery is designed for flat markers. You may choose from bronze and granite flat markers available at David’s Cemetery to memorialize your space forever. This section of the cemetery has been arranged with four garden areas as well as a variety of trees. There is no planting allowed around the flat markers.

Sections F and H of the cemetery are designed for in-ground burial spaces with upright monuments. These two sections have been arranged with shrubs and ornamental grasses. There is no permanent planting allowed in these sections, but you may plant annuals in front of the monument. Upright monuments are available at David’s Cemetery.



David’s Cemetery has several options for cremations. These options include:

David’s has a beautiful Remembrance Circle/Scattering Garden. Here, ashes are scattered and a bronze name plaque is added to the obelisk granite marker for memorialization.

Cremations can be placed in a niche in one of our mausoleums. Niches can have a bronze, wood or glass door covering the front. An approved container can be placed behind the door.

Cremations can also be buried or interred in the ground. The cremation garden is in a lovely setting surrounded by flowering trees. No plantings are allowed in this section. David’s has a cremation garden which provides 24” by 24” burial spaces. These spaces can be used for a burial of one or two cremations. The cost of the spaces includes a bronze flat marker and foundation. See the price sheet for details.

Another cremation option is to bury one or two urns in a full grave space, which would permit placing an upright monument or flat marker for memorialization.


David’s Cemetery currently has three mausoleums. The first mausoleum, David’s Mausoleum has indoor and outdoor crypts and was built in 1983. The second mausoleum, built in 1991, is the Memorial Mausoleum. This mausoleum is a beautiful building with space still available. It contains stained glass windows, skylights and was recently updated with new carpeting, furniture and accessories. This mausoleum has all indoor crypts which allows year-round visitation in a comfortable and inviting climate controlled area. You may choose either a single or double shuttered crypt and may select from four elegant marble corridors. With six levels to choose from, you can achieve entombment in this elegant building at a cost similar to in-ground burial. See price sheet for details.

The Community Mausoleum , built in 2008, offers both niche and crypt spaces. This mausoleum includes a Chapel and Gathering Room that can be used for funerals, after-service gatherings, community meetings and events.


David's Columbarium, built in 2011, is a monumental structure that is located across from the Community Mausoleum. David’s Columbarium is over 33 feet tall, covers over 1000 square feet and will be home to over 700 niches. A columbarium is defined as "a chamber or wall in which urns containing ashes are stored.

Old Glory Plaza, built in 2015, was built to memorialize members of our community, our public servants, and our beloved military. Old Glory Plaza is open to everyone, and is located directly across from David's Columbarium. It will be home to over 1800 cremations housed inside stainless steel niches covered with beautiful black granite fronts. The niches surround a ring of five 8' granite tablets. Each tablet pays tribute to one of the five branches of our military: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy. At the core of Old Glory flies a majestic flag that measures 30' X 60' atop a glorious 120' tall flag pole.

Wilbert Burial Vault

The newest product that is offered by David’s Cemetery is the Wilbert burial vault. A burial vault is required by David’s Cemetery for all in-ground casket burials. A vault protects the casket from the weight and pressures of the earth above and surrounding the grave. We offer six Wilbert burial products of high-strength concrete. The value of a Wilbert brand burial vault lies in the peace of mind that it is a structurally sound, finely crafted and reinforced . Read more information on the Wilbert Vault as a PDF or a Word Document.

David’s Cemetery has a unique money back guarantee, whereby any member may resell their ground or mausoleum space back to the association at the original purchase price, less any expenses incurred.

Monument & Markers

Everyone deserves a memorial; a footprint that pays tribute to a life well-lived. Some of the most famous and beautiful legacies have been stone memorials, and bronze markers.

We can help you design a truly fitting memorial that reflects your family’s spirit and values. In addition, an increasing number of families are making this important decision together, in advance of need, at today’s prices.

At David’s Cemetery our mission is to provide our customers with unique design, high-quality memorials, unsurpassed service and variety of colors, tones and textures.

Stately upright granite family monuments and fine individual memorials cast in bronze or quarried in enduring granites are available, and affordable, when selected at David’s Cemetery.

Our trained Memorial Counselors are ready and able to assist you and your family in the selection or design of an affordable memorial, complete with those “personal touches” which reflect the unique life you wish to commemorate for all time.

Simply stop by during our regular business hours (7:30 am until 4:30 pm Monday – Friday and 9:00 am through 12:00 pm Saturday) for professional assistance in selecting or designing your special memorial tribute. If your schedule requires an evening or Sunday appointment, feel free to call us at 937-434-2255 and we will be glad to meet with you, at your convenience.

Ten Reasons Why Your Memorial Should Be Purchased From David’s Cemetery:

    1. David’s Cemetery is perpetual – it will always be in business.
    2. David’s Cemetery has trained counselors who are familiar with your lot and its requirements.
    3. David’s Cemetery buys their Bronze and Granite markers from the manufacturer, so there are no middlemen, and use only the finest resources. They are concerned about the quality of the marker, as much as you are.
    4. David’s Cemetery will be sure that only the very best material is used in your memorial because it too must be concerned with the appearance and upkeep of the cemetery.
    5. David’s Cemetery knows you. You have dealt with us before and during your time of loss.
    6. David’s Cemetery uses the income from your memorial purchase to continue to improve on the looks and the upkeep of the cemetery.
    7. Scrolls for bronze markers will be ordered at the time of need at no additional charge. (This applies to the years only).
    8. David’s Cemetery has ground keepers who are trained efficiently to handle your memorial placement.
    9. David’s Cemetery handles your future needs directly through its own office.
    10. David’s Cemetery has assumed the responsibility of caring for your loved ones grave. It is only natural that you should place your memorial under that same personal care and attention the resting place requires.


Pricing List

In-Ground Spaces

Flat Marker Spaces $1,295 -$2,400
Upright-Monument Spaces $3,200 -$3,300
Baby Section $1,110


Above-Ground Spaces

Crypts $4,795 -$7,760
Niches $3,550 -$5,295
Scattering W/Bronze Plaque $1,400
Cremation Garden $4,170 -$4,615


Opening and Closing

Interments (full burial) $1,010
Ground Cremation $580
Entombments (crypts) $685
Inurnment (niches) $345
Scattering $100


** There is an overtime charge for burials arriving after 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and anytime on Saturday.


Vaults ranging from $1,058-$15,400 Plus Tax
For more information on our most popular vaults see the PDF or Word Document


Prices vary depending on the size and material of the monument or marker.


Death Date on Memorials generally range from $150 - $170

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