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David's Cemetery's Rules and Regulations

The aim of this Association shall be to perpetually maintain a dignified and beautiful repository for the loved ones of all faiths. The Board of Trustees has the responsibility of daily maintenance and long-range planning to insure that David’s Cemetery shall fulfill that aim. The Board of Trustees must also take into account the immediate ways and means to forever perpetuate the cemetery as a proper resting place. From experience gained through daily operation of this cemetery, and from observation of other cemeteries, the Board of Trustees must enact rules and regulations to properly maintain the present and future operation of the cemetery. The rules and regulations are designed to give the members maximum latitude, but also to give continuous thought and concern that the cemetery will remain as a hallowed place. The personnel of David’s Cemetery shall always endeavor to respect your concern about your loved ones, but also bear in mind that minimum requirements are necessary to protect the rights of other members of the Association. Your assistance and cooperation in helping keep you cemetery beautiful at all times is requested.



    1. The cemetery is designed to be as natural as possible, utilizing the topography and climate conditions as basis for permanent maintenance of the cemetery. The Board of Trustees reserves the right through its personnel to remove any plant, vase, artificial or natural floral design, or any other object detrimental to the general daily maintenance of the cemetery.
    2. No planting of a permanent nature will be allowed, except as authorized by the Board of Trustees. Natural growth of plantings requires special attention by personnel of the cemetery to assure conformity with the natural beauty of the cemetery. Some types of shrubbery become unsightly with age, and shall be removed by cemetery personnel when the plantings detracts from the beauty of the cemetery, or causes interruption of the use of mechanical equipment. For those natural planting authorized by the Board of Trustees, a permit fee will be charged for extra maintenance required.
    3. Artificial decorations will be permitted only during the winter season from December 1 thru February 28, and will be removed by cemetery personnel during any other time.


Monuments and Markers

A monument is any memorial that extends above the surface of the ground. A marker is any memorial that is flush with the ground and does not exceed 4” in depth. The cemetery is plotted with some sections or areas restricted to flush markers only. Cemetery personnel will show you, upon request, the recorded plat of the cemetery. Be sure to consult the cemetery personnel as to whether your grave space may have a monument or marker. The Board of Trustees will not grant a variance of memorial selection from the plotted section on file in the cemetery office.

    1. A single grave space may have an individual monument or marker. In the event a combination of two of more contiguous grave spaces is owned by the same member, a family monument or marker may be placed upon those grave spaces. However, no grave space shall have more that one monument. The Board of Trustees will allow a foot marker to be placed at the foot of an individual grave, in addition to a monument.
    2. To insure permanent foundations for all markers and monuments, the Board of Trustees has established minimum criteria for methods and materials used in constructing foundations. Foundations installed by cemetery personnel will meet or exceed the minimum criteria. Under extraordinary circumstances, the construction of foundations may be permitted by other than cemetery personnel, but will require the approval of the Superintendent of the cemetery as to material and methods used to ascertain that the minimum requirements of the Board of Trustees are being met. The Association shall charge the outside contractor a reasonable fee for location of the site and for approval of the design, method of the construction and material used, and continuing inspection during and after construction. The Association reserves the right to remove any foundation, at the owner’s expense, if installed by other than authorized personnel, materials, methods, or if improperly located. The Board of Trustees shall require a performance bond of anyone other than cemetery personnel to insure completion of any work performed on cemetery grounds. The Board of Trustees shall also require an indemnity bond for any damage to cemetery property or monuments or markers of others and for perpetual care of installed monuments or makers.
    3. The Board of Trustees reserve the right to remove or correct any monument, marker or foundation, or other object of any type from any grave that is beyond repair, or becomes a nuisance to other monuments or markers, or interferes with normal maintenance operation of the cemetery.
    4. All monuments shall be granite and markers shall either be bronze or granite, unless an existing monument or marker is being duplicated. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject designs not in conformity with accepted standards. The Association will not be responsible for maintenance of any urns or vases attached to granite monuments, or bronze markers.
    5. No monument or marker shall be installed until such time as the selected grave site has been paid for in full.
    6. No monument, marker or foundation will be installed between May 15th and June 1st of any year or at any other time the Superintendent shall determine is impractical to the general operation of the cemetery or cause irreparable damage to cemetery grounds.

Burial Rights of Members

    1. The Associations shall issue a certificate of burial, interment, entombment or inurnment rights, granting to the named party only those rights granted therein. All other rights to the land and mausoleum are retained by the Association.
    2. Transfer of certificate of burial, interment, entombment or inurnment rights, or a past issued deed, shall be made only to a family member of the named party or to the Association. No transfer of any certificates of deed shall be valid without the consent of the Association. A transfer to a family member or resale to the Association shall be made at the original purchase price, less any expenses incurred.

Burials and Disinterment

    1. Burials, interments, entombments and inurnment shall be restricted to human remains.
    2. Funerals must be within the cemetery grounds after 8:00 A.M. and before 2:59 P.M. on weekdays, unless prior approval of a different time is obtained from the Superintendent. Saturday, Sunday or holiday burials require approval of the Superintendent. Every funeral occurring on Saturday, Sunday, holidays or after 2:59 P.M. weekdays require cemetery personnel to be on duty after normal work hours and the Board of Trustees has established an additional charge for such service beyond normal working hours. The cemetery office can advise you of additional charge upon request.
    3. Any opening and closing of a grave, cremation niche or mausoleum vault requires an additional charge, which must be paid in full before the service is performed.
    4. No casket burial shall be made without a proper vault. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to determine and approve appropriate vaults and caskets. All opening and closing of graves, cremation burials, inurnments, or scattering of remains and entombments shall be performed by cemetery staff only.
    5. Disinterment shall be only by court order and shall be done at the expense of the owner, and performed only by cemetery personnel. An additional charge established by the Board of Trustees shall be imposed for the service.
    6. For interments, all bodies must be placed in a supportive container, which is rigid, complete with carrying handles and approved by David’s Cemetery.

Perpetual Care

    1. David’s Cemetery intends to remain a beautiful and dignified repository for your loved ones. Ohio law requires 10% of the sale price of grave sites, mausoleum vault or cremation niches to be assigned to a perpetual care fund, for the maintenance of the cemetery in the years to come. The Board of Trustees established a perpetual care fund preceding the enactment of the state law. The fund created by the Board of Trustees exceeds state requirements and should provide proper and adequate maintenance of the cemetery in the future.


    1. For security reasons, the David’s Cemetery Mausoleum will be open to the general public only during the normal work day of cemetery personnel, which are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm and on Saturday mornings and special holidays from 9 am through 5 pm. For owners of mausoleum crypts and niches, special rules and regulations for maintenance and operation of the mausoleum are available at the cemetery office. Cemetery personnel will cooperate with owners to secure maximum benefit of the advantages of the mausoleum.
    2. Natural decorations will be permitted only in a designated area within the mausoleum, which will be removed upon natural deterioration. No decorations, either inside or outside, shall be permitted on the cremation niche or mausoleum crypts.
    3. Approved urns in cremation niches are required. The Board of Trustees has created policies concerning the number and size of cremation urns in each cremation niche, which information can be obtained at the cemetery office.
    4. The Board of Trustees retains the right to determine the type and amount of lettering and placement on cremation niches and mausoleum vaults.
    5. All remains in the mausoleum crypts must be embalmed.
    6. For mausoleum entombment, caskets cannot exceed 7’6” in length, 2’7” in width and 2’1” in height.


    1. Cemetery personnel may request anyone for assistance and cooperation to prevent possible temporary interference with a burial or other cemetery operations.
    2. The Broad of Trustees would appreciate any suggestions as to improvements in the operation of the cemetery.
    3. The Cemetery reserves the right to prohibit entrance to the Cemetery by the public at those times when the safely of visitors and preservation of the Cemetery is threatened by bad weather or similar factors.
    4. All pets must be kept on leashes at all times in order to keep them from damaging the flowers and shrubs. Pet owners must clean up any pet messes.

Restricted Monument Parameters

    1. On two spaces, a double stone’s base may not exceed 44” in length, no taller than 6”, and no wider than 18”. The die of such monument shall not exceed 32” in length, 6”-10” in width, and be no more than 18” tall.
    2. Single spaces may have a base 36” long, be no taller than 6” and be no wider than 18”. The die of such monument shall not exceed 32” in length, 6’-10” in width, and 18” in height.
    3. David’s Cemetery Association is responsible as caretakers of the cemetery. Deterioration of family mausoleums, monuments, markers or vases due to atmospheric conditions or acts of God, vandalism, malicious mischief, of theft, are not the liability of David’s Cemetery Association. May we suggest contacting your insurance agency if you desire insurance.
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