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Memorial Mausoleum

Our second mausoleum, Memorial Mausoleum, was dedicated July 14, 1991 and was the first mausoleum with air conditioning, heat and carpeting throughout. The heating and air conditioning systems were updated to a cutting edge geo-thermal system during the construction of the Community Mausoleum in 2008 and was remodeled in 2012 to it's current inviting,relaxing and calming atmosphere.

The access to the adjacent Community Mausoleum makes restroom facilities available, in addition to the Chapel and Gathering Room.

Each wing of the Memorial Mausoleum contains a different kind of marble, giving each one its’ own character. At the end of each wing is a beautiful stained glass window that only becomes more beautiful with the rays of the sun.

Crypts are still available.


We hope you find time to visit our grounds, our three lovely mausoleums and two columbariums.

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