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Floral/Adornment Policy


David’s Cemetery recognizes the importance of memorializing your loved ones through floral tributes. As such, your cemetery has established the following set of guidelines and recommendations in an effort to maintain the picturesque appearance of your cemetery.

The areas north of the office have shrubs and perennials by some graves that were planted many years ago. If, and when, shrubs and perennials die or become unsightly they will be removed. Replacements or future plantings are not permitted.

The areas south of the office are to be maintained as follows:

Flat Marker Areas- Nothing may be planted in or around the grave space or the marker. You may place a potted flower on the marker.

Monument Areas- Annuals may be planted in the ground 6” to 8” in front of the monument (nothing on the sides) and the area must be mulched and kept weed free by the person/s responsible for the plantings. Potted flowers are also permitted 6” to 8” in front of the monument (nothing on the sides).

Mausoleums- Nothing may be attached to any crypt or niche at any time. Flowers/Arrangements/Adornments may be placed on the tables provided in the mausoleums. These flowers/arrangements/adornments must be maintained by the families, but will be disposed of when they become unsightly.

David's Columbarium/Old Glory Plaza- Flowers/Arrangements/Adornments of any kind are NOT permitted (per the signed agreement upon purchase). David’s Cemetery maintains planters/landscaping in and around the columbarium.

Please refrain from using artificial flowers in the ground or in pots during the growing season.

The following items are NOT permitted at anytime, anywhere in your cemetery:

Plastic Flowers

Shepherd Hooks/Decorative Flags or Banners


Glass Items

Anything Worn, Torn or Broken

It has been our disheartening experience that some members of the public do not respect the sanctity of your cemetery. We strongly urge that NOTHING of sentimental value be brought to the cemetery and we suggest placing names on all pots and saddles placed at the grave sites.

“Housecleaning/Clean-up” occurs twice a year; each spring (the last day in February through March 15th) and the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas decorations (either artificial or natural) are allowed from December 1st to January 31st. In addition, the week after Memorial Day all unsightly and unnatural (plastic, styrofoam, etc…) decorations will be removed.

David’s Cemetery will not be responsible for any flower, arrangement or adornment. David’s Cemetery reserves the right to remove and dispose of any flower, arrangement or adornment which interferes with the appearance or operation of David’s Cemetery.

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